In 2010, we set up Paperweight: A Newspaper of Visual and Material Culture to draw together writers, researchers, curators, artists, designers, critics and historians to produce a publication that would bring their work to as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

Established in the wake of the 100% cut to the block grant for higher education teaching in the arts and humanities, and in the face of reading and seeing such interesting work being made by friends and colleagues within the academy, Paperweight: A Newspaper was a small attempt to scream from the margins of the conversation around higher education and its ‘value’.

Founded and managed by J.C.Kristensen, and edited with two editors-at-large, art historian Matt Lodder and the material culture historian Rebecca Onion, Paperweight: A Newspaper is a document of reports from the frontline of research. It was our attempt as editors to rush in, under cover, and grab despatches from the battle front of research in the arts and humanities.


Contents and Contributors

  • Mervyn Heard on Smoke Screens

  • Oyvind Vagnes on The Cultural History of the Zapruder Film

  • Matt Lodder on Televising the Tattoo

  • Marquard Smith on Metadata

  • Howard Pensly on Boatology

  • Zoe Hendon on Sun and Screens

  • Laine Nooney on Female Game Designers

  • Geo Takach on Writing Between Stage and Screen

  • Paul Micklethwaite on Screen Ecology

  • Scientific Encounters with Alexander Doust

  • Harriet Riches on Sally Mann’s The Family and The Land

  • Rebecca Onion presents Winky-Dink and You

  • The Library at Babel: The Complete Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes


Contents and Contributors

  • Nicholas Mirzoeff on Networked Revolutions

  • Duncan Grewcock on Fragments from a Slippery City

  • James Thurgill on Immaterialising Things

  • Paul Atkinson on The Ghost in the Machine

  • Nina Lager Vestberg on Phantophotography

  • Arvind Ethan David on Spook, Memory

  • Chris Horrocks on The Reincarnation of Watt’s Workshop

  • David R.J. Stent on Inch by Inch, Bold Ghost

  • Harriet Riches on Most Haunted

  • J.C.Kristensen on Spirit Writing Machines

  • susan pui san lok on NEWS

  • Katherine Feo Kelly on Missing Persons

  • Rebecca Onion on Faraway Fronts, Close to Home

  • The Library at Babel: Books Written By Ghosts

Paperweight: The App

In 2013, we launched Paperweight as an app on the iTunes store. Exploiting tablet touch screen technology, this digital edition of issue one on Screens presents a possibility of what a newspaper might be in a digital age.

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Paperweight Radio

Explorations in Visual and Material Culture

In 2012, Paperweight began a new life as a radio programme.

Broadcast live on the London-based arts station Resonance 104.4fm, each show takes a theme and then, like the newspaper, and like the app, draws together writers, researchers, artists, designers, architects, curators, critics and historians to talk about the work. Plus we play music.

We intend to publish more editions of the newspaper. But in the meantime, use the links below to join the Paperweight conversation, or to listen to Paperweight Radio.