In 2012, Paperweight: A Newspaper became Paperweight Radio: Explorations in Visual and Material Culture, broadcast live on the London-based arts radio station Resonance 104.4fm.

As with the newspaper, each radio programme took a theme, which it explored through conversation with 3-4 guests whose work is focussed on visual and material culture. In drawing together  writers, researchers, designers, curators, artists, critics and historians, Paperweight continued its project of bringing the back despatches from the frontline of research in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Paperweight Radio has so far run for two series, with themes including Light, Paper, Animal, Domesticating the Modernist Body, The Ecological and Plastic. For further details of the series and for links to the shows, please see below.

Series One

Explorations in Visual and Material Culture

The pilot episode of Paperweight Radio was themed on Ghosts, and features the design historian Paul Atkinson on vapourware; the parageographer James Thurgill on haunted places; the collector and curator Brad Feuerhelm on occult photography; and ninteenth century literature and culture scholar Clare Pettitt on the nineteenth century telegraphic imaginary.


Computer Love by Kraftwerk; Happy Phantom by Tori Amos; Telegraph Road by Dire Straits.

In this first episode of the first series, we discuss the origins of Paperweight with its Editor-At-Large Matt Lodder, Lecturer in Contemporary Art, University of Essex; Abraham Zapruder’s film of the assassination of JFK with media scholar Øyvind Vågnes, postdoctoral fellow at Nomadikon, University of Bergen; and reprise an interview first broadcast in March this year on ‘vapourware’ with design historian Paul Atkinson, Professor of Design and Design History, Sheffield Hallam University.


Tattoo Rose by Imelda May; Sleeping In by The Postal Service; and Computer Love by Kraftwerk.

This episode features historian of science Simon Werrett discussing the history of fireworks; the design historian and material culture theorist Katherine Feo Kelly on home organisation; architectural historian and critic Douglas Murphy on nineteenth century glass and iron structures; and design historian and artist Emily Candela on x-ray crystallography and Postwar British design culture.


Indoor Fireworks by Elvis Costello; Theme Tune to Bewitched; Early Recording of choir at Crystal Palace in Sydenham, 1888; Atomic by Blondie.

This episode features the art historian Beth Williamson on the digitisation of artists’ books; the Head of Museums and Collections at the Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture Zoe Hendon on the Sonic Wallpaper project; Elizabeth Montagu biographer and eighteenth century literature scholar Elizabeth Eger on the paper culture of the Bluestocking circle; and literature scholar and historian Helen Smith on the paper culture of early modern England.


Book Depository by Michael Nyman; Rose Wallpaper by Caithlin De Marrais; Paper Roses by Lorretta Lynn; and Paper Moon by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

This episode explores the contemporary trend for making that marries technology to craft practices to form a new DIY social movement features, in conversation with artist, curator and maker Helen Carnac. Also featured is Gavin Grindon, V&A Visiting Research Fellow, talking about Maker Culture in the context of social movements and activism.


If I had a Hammer by Peter Paul and Mary; Honey in the Hair by Blackbird Raum; and My Father Was A Carpenter by John Prine.

In this episode, we feature sociologist Katherine Appleford discussing the role of fashion in the mother-daughter relationship; art historian Catherine Grant and artist Lisa Castagner on nineteenth century Invisible Mother portraits; and historian Fern Riddell on the suffragette Kitty Marion.


Que Sera Sera by Doris Day; No Aloha by The Breeders; and Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys by Ed Bruce.

This episode features contemporary art historian Wood Roberdeau discussing how ecological concerns and ideas intersect with contemporary art practice; sustainable design scholar Paul Micklethwaite on the role sustainability plays in design practices; and the geographer Richard Bater on the politics of water in post-Soviet states.


In the Pines by Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boy; Earth by Dweezil Zappa; and I Want the Waiter With Water by Ella Fitzgerald.

Series Two

More Explorations in Visual and Material Culture

The first episode of the second series was themed Collections and featured Goldmiths’ Curator of Art and Textile Collections Jenny Doussan, material culture specialists and historians Leonie Hannan and Kate Smith from University College London’s 100 Hours Project, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture‘s Head of Museum Collections Zoë Hendon and the artist and writer Jane Wildgoose, keeper of the Wildgoose Memorial Library.


Song Against Sex by Neutral Milk Hotel; Dry the Rain by Beta Band; Only You by Sub_Terrestrial; and O Come T’inganni by Tragicomedia.

This episode of Paperweight Radio themed on animals featured contemporary art historian Lynn Turner, medieval art historian Robert Mills and Edinburgh School of Art’s Chancellor’s Fellow Michelle Bastian.


Meat is Murder by The Smiths; Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits; and Too Many Birds by Bill Callahan.

This episode features design historian Jessica Kelly on the architect and critic J.M.Richards; Mary Vaughan Johnson on the Maison de Verre; architectural historian Simon Weir on Salvador Dali’s Anti-Modernisms; and designer Julijonas Urbonas speaking about his The Euthanasia Rollercoaster and The Oneiric Hotel projects.


This Old House by Loretta Lynn; Composition by Dyani Douze; Apollonaire reading his own poetry; and Euthanasia Roller Coaster by Major Parkinson.

Our episode on Mixed Media featureds art historian Matt Lodder on art on TV and film; geographical historian Elizabeth Haines on colonial cartography; artist and architectural theorist Marian Macken on book-architecture; and artist Judy Sparks on communication technology and fine art practice.


Picasso Baby by Jay Z; How to Fold a Topographic Map; Pharoah by Sydney Carter; and A Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams.

Our episode on The Art School featured art historian Beth Williamson on the Tate’s Art School Educated project; artist Matthew Cornford and literature scholar John Beck on their The Art School and Culture Shed project; and the writer Emily LaBarge on the role of the humanities within an art school context.


Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole; and Metakarseis by Iannis Xenakis.

In our final episode of this series, themed Plastic, we featured material scientist Paul Tangney on the concept of plasticity; art historian Matt Lodder on cosmetic surgery and fine art practice; sociologists Ian Woodward and Dominik Bartmanski on the vinyl record in the digital age; and communications scholar Emily Chivers Yochim on skateboard culture and teenage identity.


Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead (Dub Version); California Rhinoplasty by Matmos; Something Up & Down by Efdemin; and Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jnr.