Notes from the Field (Digital)


Notes from the Field is a new annual journal of commercial research and cultural insights from Copasetic Research.


  1. Status Eating: Class Cultural Mobility and Changing Food Tastes
  2. The Future is Dark: Public and Private Personas in the Digital World
  3. Who are the New Middle Classes? Riches and Realities in the Developing Economies
  4. The Cult of Simplicity: The Austere Aesthetics of Modern Dining
  5. Selling to the Poorest: Can Marketing Really Help to Solve Poverty
  6. A Sense of Place: Making a Case for Research in Urban Planning
  7. Why I Run: The Qualified Self
  8. Dripping with Meat: A Visual Diary
  9. Monomania: How the Book of One Idea is Changing Everything about Society, Business and the Future of the Human Race