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Paperweight Newspaper: Ghosts (Digital)


In this of Paperweight: A Newspaper of Visual and Material Culture, themed around Ghosts, once again we have attempted to run into the heat of battle and return, somewhat unscathed, to report from the front line of visual and material culture.

In tackling the theme of ghosts, our contributors have responded seriously, light-heartedly, meditatively, and playfully, finding ghosts in the networks around the Middle East uprisings; within the photographic image and on film; on rewalking a childhood route and playground around the local railway tracks; within an increasingly militarised toy industry magazine of the WWI period; in eighteenth century engineer, inventor and Lunar Man James Watt’s workshop; and in the design process of twentieth century computer industry.

Full contents

Nicholas Mirzoeff on Networked Revolution / Nina Lager Vestberg on Phantophotography / Arvind Ethan David on Spook, Memory / Harriet Riches on Most Haunted / James Thurgill on Immaterialising Things / The Library at Babel on Books by Ghosts / Paul Atkinson on The Ghost in the Machine / Rebecca Onion on Faraway Fronts, Close to Home / susan pui san lok’s NEWS/ Chris Horrocks on The Reincarnation of Watt’s Workshop / Rebecca Onion‘s Some Notes on Toys

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