PW 1 FC Image 72dpi
PW 1 FC Image 72dpi

Paperweight Newspaper: Screen (Digital)


In 1810, the publication of the instructions ‘To Make Transparent Screens for the Exhibition of the Phantasmagoria’ in Maria Eliza Rundell’s The New Family Receipt-Book saw the first printed use of the word screen as a media term. To mark this 200th anniversary, Paperweight made a series of offerings to our screenic gods.

Paperweight writers pulled out their pens and dusted off their ink blotters, to pour forth on the ecological, on skin, on boatology, on writing between stage and screen, on female gamers, on why displays are not screens, and on metadata, amongst other topics. Also included are Paperweight’s regular features: ‘Some Notes on Toys’, ‘Scientific Encounters’.

Full contents

Mervyn Heard on Smoke Screens / Øyvind Vågnes on The President Dying on the Big Screen / Matt Lodder on Televising the Tattoo / Marquard Smith on Web 3.0: Metadata R Us / The Library at Babel on Sherlock Holmes / Howard Pensly on Boatology / Zoë Hendon on Sun and Screens / Laine Nooney on Screening Her Out / Geo Takach on Writing Between Stage and Screen / Paul Micklethwaite on Screen Ecology / Scientific Encounters with Alexander Doust / Harriet Riches on Sally Mann’s ‘The Family and The Land’ / Rebecca Onion‘s Some Notes on Toys, with Winky-Dink And You

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